Sue’s AV Lenders List

Sue’s AV Lenders List was created in approximately 2008.  Libraries have been added and deleted since that date but the entire list has not been checked systematically.  Please contact Sue Kaler ( with additions, deletions or corrections.  The file is in Excel format.  Please follow the link to access the file, download it and use it as is best for your library.

To download the file, click here:

Explanation of the columns:  The first six columns are fairly self-explanatory.  Libraries included are those that do (or did) supply via OCLC and lend some AV format to an area wider than their own state.  Some of these libraries may lend AV materials outside of the United States, but this has not been investigated in this list.  Price gives the range of prices a library charges.  Reciprocal does not necessarily mean free, but instead it means “We charge what you charge.”  Under format, a question mark indicates that the particular format was not mentioned.  When this list was compiled, ownership of VHS was more common.  Potential lenders for VHS and DVD formats were listed separately.    The third format column includes all types of sound formats (Books on Cassette, Books on CD, music CDs, LPs.)  If a library lends any of these formats, the entry is “Yes.”  Sometimes there are comments in the last column with a more complete explanation.

The restriction columns:  If a particular restriction applies, the entry is “True.”  Age True usually means they will not lend new AV materials, or at least some new AV materials.  Return via UPS, etc. True means that they want AV materials returned via some service other than the USPS.  It is so self-evident that fragile AV materials should be returned in a box that this restriction has not been noted.   Entertainment or Feature True means that they will not lend fiction AV materials although they will lend non-fiction AV materials.  Library Geog. True means they will lend AV to some geographic area larger than their state, but not to the entire United States.   Library Type True means that they only lend AV to certain types of libraries such as other academic libraries or other libraries that also lend AV materials.  Short Loan True means they lend AV for less than two weeks.  No Renewal True is self-explanatory.  Other Comments is a catch all column for other information that may be useful.  Check the OCLC Policies Directory entries for further details regarding each library’s AV lending policies.  Please send corrections to Sue Kaler ( so that the list can be updated.  Thank you.