33 East

33 East

Susannah Rickards

Language: English

Pages: 137

ISBN: 2:00093792

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In a unique take on the London anthology 33 East features 16 brand new short stories for the whole of east London, from Enfield in the north to Bromley in the south. There is an act of heroism in Havering, a haunting in Tower Hamlets, a plan to thwart the renaming of West Ham station in Newham, and a philosophical approach to adultery in Lewisham. These are stories of movement and change that capture the individuality of each borough and the diversity of London better than any camera. Together with 33 West, which includes stories from Barnet to Croydon, 33 East is an unparalleled achievement. This is no small feat. This is London.

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