Blood Cursed (Rogue Angel, Book 44)

Blood Cursed (Rogue Angel, Book 44)

Alex Archer, Michele Hauf

Language: English

Pages: 190

ISBN: 2:00307097

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A local superstition or one of history's monsters come to life?

Deep in the Bavarian forest, archaeologists unearth a medieval human skull with a brick stuffed in its mouth. When Annja Creed catches wind of the strange discovery, the TV host and archaeologist rushes to join the dig. But the superstitious locals are furious, fearing the excavation has angered one of the chewing dead—those who rise from their graves to feast on human flesh and blood. And soon she and her colleagues are facing down violent mobs and death threats. As far as Annja is concerned, though, the vampire myth is a load of bunk.

Then a child goes missing.

Suddenly ensnared in the Czech Republic's black market underworld, Annja has no trouble believing that someone wants blood. But in this world, evil comes in human form, and Annja has no choice: she must wield Joan of Arc's sword to protect the innocent….

At the bottom of a lake lies an ancient cache worth killing for…

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