Profiles of Power and Success: Fourteen Geniuses Who Broke the Rules

Profiles of Power and Success: Fourteen Geniuses Who Broke the Rules

Gene N. Landrum

Language: English

Pages: 413

ISBN: 2:00336059

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"The Bell Curve is wrong," claims Gene Landrum. "In fact, too much money, education or IQ is counterproductive to achievement." How do creativity and entrepreneurial genius emerge? Are they acquired or inherited? According to Profiles of Power and Success, nurture, not nature, is at the root of all great success in life, and the world's great power brokers and creative geniuses are bred, not born. This high-powered volume shows that energized creative geniuses are self-motivated and driven individuals who learned how to be great. Written with the self-help audience in mind, this book will motivate all who dare to reach for success and power in their own lives.

Landrum's examples of the highly talented concentrate on six distinctive outlets to realize individual creative potential: Artistic Power - Frank Lloyd Wright and Pablo Picasso; Business Power - Helena Rubinstein and Rupert Murdoch; Entertainment Power - Isadora Duncan, Walt Disney, and Edith Piaf; Humanistic Power - Marquise de Sade, Maria Montessori, and Amelia Earhart; Political Power - Napoleon and Adolf Hitler; Technical Power - Nikola Tesla and Howard Hughes.

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