The Bone Trail (The Wyrmeweald Trilogy)

The Bone Trail (The Wyrmeweald Trilogy)

Paul Stewart, Chris Riddell

Language: English

Pages: 384

ISBN: 1480416118

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From the creators of the Edge Chronicles comes the thrilling conclusion to the epic saga of Wyrmeweald!
The bone trail litters the barren lands of the wyrmeweald with the remains of dragon-like wyrmes, fortune-hunting kith bandits, and wyrme-protecting kin assassins alikeā€”all viciously slaughtered in the gruesome quest for gold and power.
Micah and his friends have battled tirelessly against the kith bandits to protect the winged wyrmes. But the kith are getting bolder, trapping and killing wyrmes to take only their little flameoil sacs, then leaving the bodies to rot. Finally, deep in the heart of the weald, the whitewyrme has sent out a call to arms. The wyrmes are preparing for battle, ready to defend their home and themselves.
This will be war on every front: Wyrme against kith. Kith against kin. Even wyrme against wyrme. And former fortune-hunter Micah, now wyrme protector, must prepare for the fight of his life . . .

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