The Founders at Home: The Building of America, 1735-1817

The Founders at Home: The Building of America, 1735-1817

Myron Magnet

Language: English

Pages: 480

ISBN: 0393240215

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Why the American Revolution, of all the great revolutions, was the only enduring success.

Through the Founders’ own voices―and in the homes they designed and built to embody the ideal of domestic happiness they fought to achieve―we come to understand why the American Revolution, of all great revolutions, was the only enduring success.

The Founders were vivid, energetic men, with sophisticated worldviews, and this magnificent reckoning of their successes draws liberally from their own eloquent writings on their actions and well-considered intentions. Richly illustrated with America’s historical and architectural treasures, this volume also considers the houses the Founders built with such care and money to reflect their vision for the fledgling nation. That so many great thinkers―Washington, Madison, Hamilton, Jefferson, John Jay, the Lees of Stratford Hall, and polemicist William Livingston―came together to accomplish what rightly seemed to them almost a miracle is a standing historical mystery, best understood by pondering the men themselves and their profound and world-changing ideas.

Through impressive research and an intimate understanding of these iconic patriots, award-winning author Myron Magnet offers fresh insight into why the American experiment resulted in over two centuries of unexampled freedom and prosperity.

32 pages of color illustrations

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