The Mammoth Book of 20th Century Science Fiction, Volume 2

The Mammoth Book of 20th Century Science Fiction, Volume 2

Language: English

Pages: 541

ISBN: 2:00182142

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This volume, covering the period from the 1890s to the future, includes stories from founding fathers of the field like H.G. Wells and C.S. Lewis; beloved mainstays of the genre, such as Philip Jose Farmer, Roger Zelazny and Jack Vance; and, notable female writers, including Nancy Kress, and authors like Bruce Sterling, William Gibson and James Morrow, who have hit their stride in the last two decades. Also featured in this title are those widely recognised outside the genre, the celebrated writing of E.M. Forster and Michael Shaara, as well as translations of foreign writers' formative work including that of Wolfgang Jeschke and Dino Buzzati.


* A Work of Art / James Blish;

* 2066: Election Day / Michael Shaara;

* The Rose / Charles Harness;

* The Time Machine / Dino Buzzati;

* Mother / Philip José Farmer;

* Veritas / James Morrow

* Enchanted Village / A. E. van Vogt;

* The King and the Dollmaker / Wolfgang Jeschke;

* Drunkboat / Cordwainer Smith;

* Another World / J. H. Rosny Aîné;

* If the Stars are Gods / Gordon Eklund and Gregory Benford;

* I Still Call Australia Home / George Turner;

* Liquid Sunshine / Alexander Kuprin;

* Greenslaves / Frank Herbert;

* He Who Shapes / Roger Zelazny;

* Beggars in Spain / Nancy Kress;

* Rumfuddle / Jack Vance.

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