The Siege of Arista (The War Years, Book 2)

The Siege of Arista (The War Years, Book 2)

Language: English

Pages: 190

ISBN: 0451450558

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub


The Hothri have come to Arista . . .
and the Siege has begun.

For almost a hundred years, the Hothri waged a war of conquest against humanity’s strongholds in deep space. Greed upon the part of the humans of the Aristan trade empire triggered the war with the aliens, and that same greed led to treachery and incompetence, to soldiers denied the resources they needed to fight. Human world after human world fell under the ruthless, destructive domination of the Hothri, until ...
Forced back to their homeworld by vast fleets of Hothri warships, the leaders of the Aristan financial empires realized that they must look beyond the acquisition of wealth toward another goal—victory in a desperate, last-ditch defense against a foe that had never been defeated.

Christopher Stasheff and Bill Fawcett have created this high-tech far-future war, featuring stories by some of the most imaginitive science fiction writers working at their military best.

With stories by Christopher Stasheff, Bill Fawcett, Elizabeth Moon, Janet Morris, William C. Dietz, Steve Perrry, S.N. Lewitt, Robert Sheckley and Jody Lynn Nye.

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