The Year's Best Horror Stories, Series XII

The Year's Best Horror Stories, Series XII

Language: English

Pages: 166


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This anthology contains: Names by Jane Yolen; Elle Est Trois (La Mort) by Tanith Lee; Uncle Otto's Truck by Stephen King; 3.47 AM by David Langford; Mistral; Jon Wynne-Tyson; Out of Africa by David Drake; The Wall Painting by Roger Johnson; Keepsake by Vincent McHardy; Echoes by Lawrence C. Connolly; After Images by Malcolm Edwards; The Ventriloquist's Daughter by Juleen Brantingham; Come to the Party by Frances Garfield; The Chair by Dennis Etchison; The Attic by Billy Wolfenbarger; One for the Horrors by David J. Schow; Spring Fingered Jack by Susan Casper; The Flash Kid by Scott Bradfield; The Man With Legs by Al Sarrantonio; Just Waiting by Ramsey Campbell; and the introduction: Of Fads and Frights by Karl Edward Wagner.

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